A lace front is made with a sheer, nearly invisible lace to create the illusion of hair growth from the scalp. The Experts at Wigs.com will tell you that lace front wigs are essential to a seamless and natural-looking hairline. When researching wigs online, you may notice different terminology when it comes to this coveted lace front feature. We’re here to show & tell you about each lace front type and how each type is unique. To learn more about what a lace front wig is, read our blog here first.

Types of Lace Fronts

Mini Lace Front

Mini Lace Front Wig

A mini lace front is a small section of lace placed just where the hair part starts at the hairline. Measuring 2” – 3” across, this small section is shaped as a triangle or half moon and gives you just enough lift to keep the hair parted off your face. Find a mini lace front on styles like Cloud from Ellen Wille.

Cloud Wig

Traditional Lace Front 

traditional lace front is the most popular lace front among wig brands. Measuring 4″ – 4.5″ across, the sheer lace material lays across the middle portion of the forehead to allow wearers to wear the hair off the face while still looking natural. See a sheer lace front on styles like Bethany by Rene of Paris.

Classic lace front wig

Temple-to-Temple Lace Front

Temple to temple lace front

A temple-to-temple lace front is now the most common ready-to-wear lace front. The sheer lace front extends across the whole forehead giving you the look of a natural hairline across the entire front section of the wig. Depending on the wig brand, the temple-to-temple lace front will measure between 5” – 5.5”. See a temple-to-temple lace front on synthetic and human hairstyles such as Jamila Plus by Ellen Wille.

Curly synthetic wig

Extended Lace Front

Extended Lace Front Wig

An extended lace front has soft lace material that extends 6″ – 7″ across the forehead  and connects down to the front portion of the ear tabs. This type of lace front is ideal for those who like to wear their hair in half-up-half-down updos or ponytail hairstyles. Perfect for accessorizing with headbands or decorative hair pins. Find an extended lace front on styles like Advanced French by Raquel Welch.

Advanced French Wig

Comfort Lace Front

Comfortable Lace Front

Unique to the brand, Ellen Wille, this type of lace front features two layers of lace material: one standard lace layer plus a layer of soft Swiss Lace. The standard ready-to-wear lace layer provides durability, while the thin layer of Swiss Lace provides amazing comfort.  Since the soft Swiss Lace touches the scalp, this lace front is ideal for wig wearers who experience irritation with traditional lace fronts. Find a comfort lace front on Ellen Wille styles such as Alba Comfort.

Comfortable Lace Front Wig

Ear-to-Ear Lace Front 

Ear to ear lace front

An ear-to-ear lace front is an innovative feature that we have seen on new wigs! The lace material extends 11″ from the front, across the entire forehead, and down in front of the ear tabs. Because the entire front portion of the wig is hand-tied, the wearer gets a seamless hairline that blends with the forehead and temples. Use tape for an extra layer of security for all-day wear. Check out Jon Renau’s SmartLace Lite Collection for more styles with an ear-to-ear lace front.

Natural lace front wig

Uncut Lace Front

Uncut lace

An uncut lace front means that the wig is not ready-to-wear like the options above. Some clients like this version because it gives them the freedom to customize how much lace they want to have on their wig. To customize an uncut lace front, you will need pinking shears. Pinking shears have a sawtooth pattern, which will scallop the material to prevent fraying. We DO NOT recommend standard scissors if you want to trim a lace front. Standard scissors can cause the lace material to fray over time beyond repair, making your wig unwearable.

Long Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Style Featured: Liz B by Wig Pro | Lace front has been customized for this photo

Now that you know the lace front types in and out, you’re ready to go! Remember to use the filtering system on each collection page to filter between lace front types. Have more questions about lace front wigs? Your questions answered here!

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